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Probate Valuation of house contents or property by RICS Valuers: As one of the leading London probate valuation companies, Jeffrey Avery and Associates can provide fully comprehensive house contents valuation for probate and property valuation for probate in Shirley, Surrey, and all surrounding areas. Our house contents valuations and property valuations for probate are carried out by qualified RICS valuers, thereby eliminating the risk of investigation by HMRC. With the recent appearance of many companies carrying out valuations by unqualified staff, it is essential for executors to verify that the valuation is carried out by a RICS qualified valuer so as to avoid any risk of penalites being incurred for an inaccurate valuation. Established for over 25 years, we have become one of the most recommended firms of probate valuers in the Shirley area.

Probate Valuation Shirley Surrey: If you are an executor or administrator, and require a comprehensive and accurate probate valuation report, which is normally required by HMRC before probate can be granted, so that Inheritance Tax can be calculated, Jeffrey Avery and Associates can assist. We provide our service to members of the public, solicitors, and other legal professionals in all parts of Shirley.

Our probate valuation reports are prepared strictly in accordance with S.160 of the Inheritance Tax Act (1984), and will help to ensure that there are no delays in the granting of probate. If you require a probate valuation in Shirley, contact Jeffrey Avery for further advice. To fully understand how our probate services work, see our Probate Valuation Guide, and our Executors Information Page.

As professional probate valuers, we always ensure that that the use of our probate valuation services will result in accurate, timely and comprehensive probate evaluation reports.

For more information contact Jeffrey Avery on 0800 567 7769.

I was advised by my solicitor that, to avoid an IHT investigation, I should contact a qualified RICS valuer, to carry out a probate valuation of all the contents of my late father's property, but had no idea where to start. I called Jeffrey Avery and Associates and they arranged for a valuer to visit the property, and within a week I received a full written probate valuation report which was subsequently accepted by HMRC without problems.

I would not hesitate to recommend this service to anyone in the same situation.
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Steve Mulligan

Free Probate Advice and Quotation

Probate Services Shirley: Our valuers will be pleased to provide a verbal assessment, advice, and indication of value completely free of charge. If you require a full written probate valuation report for submission to HMRC for Inheritance Tax purposes, call us for a quotation. All fees are fixed before we start work, for your peace of mind.

We carry out probate valuations throughout the whole of Shirley.

Additional Services: Property Clearance

After we have provided a probate valuation and you have received a Grant of Probate, we can provide a Full House Clearance Service, and thoroughly and comprehensively clean both the buildings and the garden, so as to minimise delays and to simplify the process of the preparation of your property for sale or transfer.

Some interesting facts about Shirley Surrey

Until 1930, Shirley was composed of several villages between farms and property of the majors. These include Spring Park, Monks Orchard, Shirley Park, Shirley Oaks, names that are reflected in the names of neighborhoods today.

Contrary to popular opinion, the monks garden is not the name of a monastery in the region, but probably commemorates a family named Monk, Addington, who owned some land at some point. When Lewis Lloyd acquired the land and had a mansion built in 1854, took the name of a local wood, "Monks Orchard" for the entire field.

Lloyd's, Monks Orchard House one of the largest companies in the area of Croydon. It had 19 rooms, billiard room, library and several other rooms. The dining room alone for more than 36 by 21 feet (11 m 4). Property covers a vast area of 1540 acres (6.2 km ²), which extends north from the Wickham Road, close to Elmers End, south almost as Addington, and east of the town over the border into West Wickham. It 'also several other large houses, such as Spring Park, which services Eden Park, Ham Farm, Shirley Farm, Spring Farm Park, Oak Lodge Farm, two dozen homes, Rising Sun, cricketers and the White Hart, and Beckenham Golf Course.

As late as 1923, the area was described as follows:

Estate, which has a large facade of the road between the villages of Shirley and West Wickham, is a delightful rural in nature, characterized in that, what is the best unspoilt English countryside ...
The earth seems adapted by nature for rural households seek is not far from London, and is like a prairie park, well wooded and dotted with trees, which allow almost unlimited space for imagination and taste through the establishment of the base , using the natural advantages that already exist.

When the property is for sale in 1920, only a portion of it found a buyer, and the rest, including some now call Monks Orchard revived in 1924. This includes the City of London Corporation, the relocation of Bethlem Royal Hospital, which had long passed the Lambeth home. Construction of a new hospital began in 1928, and, unfortunately, this has led to the overthrow of the old palace. Hospital development has not been all over the country and parts of it were sold to residential development. There are still reasons for the entire hospital in a largely undeveloped, although planning permission has been issued recently in the center of local disputes. The hospital and grounds were transferred to Bromley in 1990.

In the 1930s, took much of the building instead of a large part of the campaign, largely townhouse style suburbs. North, Shirley extends into adjacent areas. But some land escaped the building boom. Shirley Park House is a vast area and became a hotel in 1965 and was purchased by the Foundation become Whitgift Trinity School in a new building constructed on the site. Neighbors of the school grounds is Shirley Park Golf Course. Shirley South are vast areas of forest, including Shirley Hills and three half Penny Wood. Parks and open spaces are scattered throughout the region, including Miller's Pond. In Upper Shirley, have very few big houses in exclusive areas were built, ambassadors of housing, etc.

Shirley has three Anglican churches. Shirley Church - San Giovanni Evangelista - was built in 1856 by Sir George Gilbert Scott's design. All Saints Church, Bridle Road, was built in 1950, the Rev. Aubrey Wright KW, and its design is very good quality. It 'was one of the first post-war listed buildings in Croydon. St. George the Martyr is Glade is also built in 1950. Moreover, the various evangelical churches and Shirley Methodist and Baptist churches. Shirley Oaks Road Croydon Synagogue.

Fields shrubs is a residential area in the southeast corner of Shirley, surrounded by forest on three sides. The area now covered by shrublands Estate was originally forest, later occupied by New Addington golf course. The roads are named after and shrubs, such as food, gorse and the jasmine.

After the Second World War, was a serious housing shortage Croydon Council to make a compulsory purchase order on the golf course. The area was quickly covered with prefabricated houses, and 1955, the County Borough of Croydon Council has prepared a development plan for the region as a new property.

For a somewhat rural environment, it was suggested that the spaces between the houses as far as possible areas of grass. Every house was a walled garden.

The estate was to be well equipped with playgrounds, and shops were doctors' offices, community hall and other facilities are all provided. forecasting function is that the estate should be a "smoke-free zone" from the outset.

In 1959 the estate was complete.

Status has remained virtually unchanged for almost 50 years important additions to the multi-ball games courts and the Family Center. Other facilities include a pub ("goat"), Shirley Youth & Community Centre Broom Road and surgery.

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