Valuation of House Contents for Probate

Jeffrey Avery and Associates are specialists in providing valuations for probate of the goods and chattels which form a part of the estate of a deceased person. Whether you are an administrator or executor, you will be required to value all the assets of the estate, and provide documentation to HMRC which gives an authoritative estimate of the value of all the assets in the estate, including the personal effects of the deceased. HMRC will then assess the estate. Our valuations comply with all the provisions of S 160 of the Inheritance Tax Act 1984, and are carried out by members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveryors. (RICS)

A Comprehensive Range of Probate Valuation Services

We provide probate valuation services for virtually all types of goods and chattels, and fixed property, including

The documentation we provide complies with all HMRC guidlines and will help to ensure that there is no delay in obtaining an assessment of Inheritance Tax Liability (Form IHT 621).

The process of obtaining probate can take many months, particularly if the estate is complicated, and all the time that the deceased's assets are frozen, you will be unable to obtain funds, pay mortgages, etc, which can be very distressing for beneficiaries. It is therefore advisable to do everything possible to minimise delays. HMRC may well contest a valuation of chattels given by relatives, without expert advice, which is why a professional valuation provided by Jeffrey Avery and Associates will help to minimise delays.

For more information about our professional service, contact Jeffrey Avery on 0800 567 7769. Our Probate Valuation Guide provides useful general information on the process of obtaining probate.

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