Frequently asked questions

To assist our clients we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions, but if you require any further details about our service, or for free information and advice, please call Jeffrey Avery today on 0800 567 7769.

Is my property in your area?

We operate throughout the South East of England, including everywhere in London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Brighton. We have regional depots and hence provide a local service everywhere we operate. Our service is not limited to the South East, however, and we will be pleased to provide a competitive quote throughout the UK.

Do you operate in Central London, including the Congestion Charge Zone?

Yes, we are experts at negotiating London's congested roads,and can clear any property in central London. We will not pass on Congestion or parking chargs to our clients, and all our quotes are all inclusive.

How much does a clearance cost?

Our clearance fees start at around £350, for a small property, but every property is different, so it's best to call us for a quote. We can often offset the value of goods to be cleared, which can make a considerable diference to the final quotation.

Can you make special provision for confidential documents or personal items?

If we find personal items which we believe may be of interest, we will retain these for your inspection first. We can shred documents to maintain confidentiality if requested, and will confirm that we have done this in writing.

There are valuable items, including antiques and collectables in the property. Can you arrange for these to be sold

Yes. We can assist you by either purchasing the items directly or transporting them to an auction house and assisting you with the sales process.

I wish to keep certain items

We can retain specified items for later collection at our depot or transport them to a storage facility or other destination as required

Can you assist if I am not presently in the United Kingdom?

This is something we deal with frequently. We can arrange to clear the property and hand the keys over to your nominated estate agent or solicitor if required.

Can you deal with vehicles as well?

Yes. We can purchase vans, cars, motorcycles, etc, or arrange for their disposal and scrapping if necessary.

Cann you clear and restore the garden if it has become overgrown?

Yes. This often happens when the property has been empty for a while, and can cause considerable difficulties, because a neglected garden is a sign that the property is empty and this increases the risk of vandalism. We can cut hedges, trim trees, cut the grass and remove rubbish, and maintain the garden until the property is sold, if requested to do so.

Are you licenced and fully insured?

Yes. We have all the necessary licences, and liability insurance, and operate within all applicable law with regard to the environment and the carriage of goods.

The property may be empty for a while, and needs securing. Can you assist?

Yes. We can arrange for a locksmith to replace the locks, and drain down the central heating, so as to prevent bursts during cold weather. In addition, we can maintain the garden periodically, so that the property continues to appear 'lived in'.

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