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Avoid HMRC Inheritance Tax investigations

Jeffrey Avery and Associates are established London probate valuers, offering a comprehensive and independent probate valuation service which is fully compliant with Inheritance Tax law and very unlikely to be questioned by Inland Revenue officials. Read more on recent Inland Revenue investigations. We provide our services to executors and legal professionals anywhere in London, and all surrounding areas, and we value everything that forms part of an estate, ie houses and commercial premises, businesses, shares, stocks and bonds, classic cars, antiques, objets d’art, collectables, general household items, vehicles, boats, and farm machinery. We have been providing compliant valuations on behalf of executors to the Inland Revenue for many years and are able to assist you in keeping your tax liabilities to a minimum.

Jeffrey Avery and Associates have been providing probate valuations in London for over 20 years and are fully experienced at providing written probate reports and the documentation needed to comply in full with S.160 of the Inheritance Tax Act 1984, which is a legal requirement when applying for a Probate, Grant of Representation, or Letters of Administration. The valuation will be carried out by a RICS qualified valuer, strictly in accordance with Inland Revenue guidelines. If instructed will we will identify, value and itemise any specific bequests. As an executor, it is your duty to obtain a professional, accurate valuation of the chattels, even if you consider it to be of very low value, because this is critical when submitting documentation to the Inland Revenue.

For further information and advice, contact our Senior Valuer, Jeffrey Avery, on 0800 567 7769, or email us for an immediate reply.

I was advised by my solicitor to obtain a probate valuation of all the contents of my late father's property, but had no idea where to start. I called Jeffrey Avery and Associates and they arranged for a valuer to visit the property, and within a week I received a full written probate valuation report which was subsequently accepted by HMRC without problems.

I would not hesitate to recommend this service to anyone in the same situation.

Steve Mulligan

Our Commitment to Quality

Timely, accurate and professional: Our estate probate valuation services in London are handled by an experienced team, so the probate valuation reports are generated quickly by our probate valuers. We can usually return our report within two working days unless research is needed, and in this case we guarantee its completion within five days. In urgent cases we are able to provide a written probate report within 24 hours. For further information on our 24 hour probate services please contact Jeffrey Avery directly.

Our team members are all specialists in their chosen field and are fully qualified RICS London probate valuers, with extensive knowledge in all aspects of property, business, antiques and fine art valuation. We are more than happy to give professional advice in matters of estate administration and valuation of chattels. This advice also extends to executors and trustees on valuations of chattels for Capital Gains Tax, Conditional Exemption, Acceptance in Lieu scheme, advise on how to sell at auction, rental agreements and private treaty sales. Any other circumstances will almost certainly be covered within our full range of London probate services.

Our probate fees are very competitive and always fixed before any work is started.

Additional Services

Assistance with sale of items: If executors decide to sell items from the estate, we can assist. We have a wide network of specialist buyers and contacts within leading London and provincial auction firms, so we are able to get the best results and net returns by placing art or antiques in the most suitable marketplace. We are able to advise executors of the best places to sell and up to date information on market trends and results, and our art valuers and antique valuers are always on hand for help and advice. We also provide art valuations and antique valuations for the purposes of insurance.

Property clearance and cleaning: We are able to arrange the removal of all remaining house contents and residue as part of our fully comprehensive service, and then clean the property and clear the garden if required, leaving the premises clean, tidy and ready for transfer to a landlord, or to a purchaser. We have been providing efficient, speedy and professional house clearance services for executors and firms of solicitors for many years, and this ‘one stop shop’ approach makes the whole probate process as simple and straightforward as possible.

More information about probate...

Jeffrey Avery and Associates offer probate valuations in London and the surrounding counties and we are often asked what we offer within our probate valuation service, how probate works and how it relates to inheritance tax. Although we offer a London probate valuation service, probate works under the same rules throughout the country. When someone dies that person's estate, including money, investments, property and possessions, must be assessed and rounded up and once all debts are paid the remainder can then be distributed to those who are entitled to it. In order to receive authority to do this the person responsible may require probate and must obtain a legal document which authorises this.This document is called a Grant of Representation and is available from the Probate Registry, or as it is also known the Probate Service.

What Is The Probate Service?

The Probate Service forms part of the Family Division of the High Court. It deals with non-contentious probate - where there are no disputes about the validity of a will or entitlement to take a grant.The Probate Service is made up of the principle registry in London and 11 District Probate Registries and 18 Probate Sub-Registries, situated throughout England and Wales.There are also a number of Probate offices situated in courts and Local Authority buildings.

Grants of Representation

There are three types of Grant of Representation:These Grants of Representation provide authority for a person to administer the deceased's estate.

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax is the tax paid on the estate, which is as described above, i.e. the sum of everything owned at the time of death minus what is owed.Property and contents are often the biggest and more common assets that make up the estate and these must be correctly valued for inheritance tax purposes. This is especially important because the value of some properties may extend the estate over the current inheritance tax limits.The Inland Revenue requires the true value at the date of death in order for a Grant of Probate to be obtained.

Who Does This?

Often professional probate valuers working in conjunction with RICS - Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and other specialists act on behalf of executors or the solicitors acting for them.Solicitors often work with professional valuers, thereby ensuring the production of an accurate estate valuation report.The importance of a reliable and accurate probate valuation of household contents and property cannot be overstated.

Probate Valuers For Solicitors & Executors

Many solicitors are also seeking the confidence that they can rely upon a dependable team who can carry out the work properly, efficiently and accurately but also with the utmost of respect for all aspects of the operation and all those they come into contact with.For more information on the Probate Valuation process why not read our Probate Valuations Guide? Having provided probate valuations for many solicitor and private clients, our probate estate valuation services can be obtained in total confidence. Jeffrey Avery & Associates offer probate solicitors probate valuations and associated services including house clearing. Note - Information on this page is intended for general advice only and is no substitute for personal legal advice.

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