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Probate Valuation of house contents or property by RICS Valuers: As one of the leading London probate valuation companies, Jeffrey Avery and Associates can provide fully comprehensive house contents valuation for probate and property valuation for probate in Lee Green, SE12, and all surrounding areas. Our house contents valuations and property valuations for probate are carried out by qualified RICS valuers, thereby eliminating the risk of investigation by HMRC. With the recent appearance of many companies carrying out valuations by unqualified staff, it is essential for executors to verify that the valuation is carried out by a RICS qualified valuer so as to avoid any risk of penalites being incurred for an inaccurate valuation. Established for over 25 years, we have become one of the most recommended firms of probate valuers in the Lee Green area.

Probate Valuation Lee Green SE12: If you are an executor or administrator, and require a comprehensive and accurate probate valuation report, which is normally required by HMRC before probate can be granted, so that Inheritance Tax can be calculated, Jeffrey Avery and Associates can assist. We provide our service to members of the public, solicitors, and other legal professionals in all parts of Lee Green.

Our probate valuation reports are prepared strictly in accordance with S.160 of the Inheritance Tax Act (1984), and will help to ensure that there are no delays in the granting of probate. If you require a probate valuation in Lee Green, contact Jeffrey Avery for further advice. To fully understand how our probate services work, see our Probate Valuation Guide, and our Executors Information Page.

As professional probate valuers, we always ensure that that the use of our probate valuation services will result in accurate, timely and comprehensive probate evaluation reports.

For more information contact Jeffrey Avery on 0800 567 7769.

I was advised by my solicitor that, to avoid an IHT investigation, I should contact a qualified RICS valuer, to carry out a probate valuation of all the contents of my late father's property, but had no idea where to start. I called Jeffrey Avery and Associates and they arranged for a valuer to visit the property, and within a week I received a full written probate valuation report which was subsequently accepted by HMRC without problems.

I would not hesitate to recommend this service to anyone in the same situation.
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Steve Mulligan

Free Probate Advice and Quotation

Probate Services Lee Green: Our valuers will be pleased to provide a verbal assessment, advice, and indication of value completely free of charge. If you require a full written probate valuation report for submission to HMRC for Inheritance Tax purposes, call us for a quotation. All fees are fixed before we start work, for your peace of mind.

We carry out probate valuations throughout the whole of Lee Green.

Additional Services: Property Clearance

After we have provided a probate valuation and you have received a Grant of Probate, we can provide a Full House Clearance Service, and thoroughly and comprehensively clean both the buildings and the garden, so as to minimise delays and to simplify the process of the preparation of your property for sale or transfer.

Some interesting facts about Lee Green SE12

Lee (also Lee Green) is a district of south London, England, located mostly in the London Borough of Lewisham and partly in the London Borough of Greenwich. The district lies to the east of Lewisham, one mile west of Eltham, and one mile south of Blackheath village. Lee is within the SE12 postcode district and was originally the district's name; Lee Green is the name of the electoral ward covering the area of Lee within the Lewisham Borough.

Church of Santa Margarita (1839-1841 rakennettu, arkkitehti: John Brown) is haudattu kolme Tähtitieteilijät Real: Edmond Halley, Nathaniel Bliss ja John Pond. oli Se (vuoto 2006) Thallus julkista Kåks lähes identtiset Nimet - ja New Tiger's Head Old Tiger's Head - saman puolilla vastakkain yours. Former Chief mukaan Folklore Tigre is ITSE asiassa kahden uudempi. Pieni osa Lee Noin Horn Park Lane Alnwick road ja Lontoon Borough of Greenwich. ITSE Vihreästä kellotorni muistuttaa Big Ben (Ben nimeltään bit) ja Muut esiintyy Lontoossa, Kutenai Highbury clock.

Iglesia de Santa Margarita (Construida desde 1839 hasta 1841, arquitecto John Brown) es el lugar de tres reales de sepultura astronomer Edmond Halley, Nathaniel Bliss y John Laguna. If fue (hasta 2006), dos bares Nombres cases with idénticos - la cabeza de viejo y el nuevo Tiger Tiger's Head - dear dear to a ambos lados de la carretera. Folklore afirma que la cabeza del Tigre de edad es en realidad el más Recientemente de los dos. A porción pequeña de cerca de Lee Horn Park Lane, Alnwick camino de, en el barrio de Greenwich londinense. En el mismo es a reminiscence of the green tower of Big Ben reloj (Llamada Little Ben) generalizada en Londres y otros, como el reloj de Highbury.

Lee Manor Society have produced a comprehensive history of the region. [1] The Domesday Book describes Lee as a small area than is imposed on a large forest. The first map (Rocque 1740) shows a group of a dozen houses around a triangular village green. This village was surrounded by fields. Lee Green Farm occupies the southeast quadrant of the decade to 1660 (plus or minus instead of the current mall Leegate). The farm was demolished in 1840 and rebuilt further east as Tudor House.

Lee's mansion was a history of the parish of Blackheath one hundred existed until 1900 when it merged with the parish of Lewisham to create the Metropolitan Borough of Lewisham. While Lee focuses on modern and Lee Station Burnt Ash Hill Road, the parish was founded around Lee High Road, which now extends into the heart of Lewisham. Swampy river forms a large part of the boundary between two parishes, but in Lee Bridge (in the west end of Lee High Road), is now almost completely hidden.

In 1815 the regiments of horse and foot across via Lee Green for the Battle of Waterloo:

The tiger cabeza del viejo y bares en la cabeza del Nuevo tiger características son importantes y la de la supresión Encrucijada. Confusion, el original (former) jefe de Tigre if Piensa que fue en el sitio Construida actualite ocupado por el Jefe del Tigre Nueva. El cree que fue if original pub Construida antes de 1730. Reconstruido fue en su ubicación actual, el noroeste cuadrante, reconstruido y en 1750-1770 (en su tercera Reencarnacion) en 1896 - the figure fecha que en su fachada. If he convertido en un correo y oficina de correos important. The tiger cabeza del nuevo la vida como comenzó a tienda de la cerveza en la conocida como Tiger Tavern decade of 1830. If the final encuentra cuatro de las casas de campo conocida como Perspectiva Terraza Construida of Alrededor mismo tiempo. Tres de las casas rurales siguen Siendo, oficina de correos que harbors a / y a quiosco peluquería. En 1868 fue nombrado Jefe del Tigre Hotel. El cree que han if actual building sustituido original to the house, pocos años después de 1896 - the reconstrucción de la fecha de la cabeza del Tigre Viejo.

"The space in front of the Tiger's Head and green are very Chests towards the transfer of baggage trolleys Farmers' The Other Side of London to those of area farmers dance what have been the end of this Press, Send them 15 miles away on the Dover min." (History of Hart Lee FH, 1892)

In the early 19th century boxing matches held in the Old Tiger's Head. Horse racing and (man) running, take place in the 1840s, but the police put an end to these events, probably under pressure from local citizens. When the green was the center of village life in cricket, just joint boxing and other entertainment. Additional housing in the 1850s led to the installation of adequate sanitation and a pond Lee green horse was completed in the 1860s, John Pounds, a developer built houses in the southeast quadrant, Orchard Terrace Road in Eltham, in the ashes of the burned Crown Terrace Lane (now Road).

Louverture station of the Lee a 1866, a further rise housing construction at a crossroads. The site of Lee Green Farm was built a representative Carston Mews (demolished in the 1960s to pay up to UN Mall Leegate). , In the Same year Charles Henry Reed, linen Draper UN, see Move a 1 Orchard Terrace has established a magazine of the United Nations general. A death benefit Reed 1895, 1903, has been out a couple resumed Griffith & Co..

In the southwest quadrant of the Prince Arthur pub was built on 422 Lee High Road in 1870 (closed 2005). It was one of many at the beginning of 19 Holiday century, including three - nos 424-428 - survived behind modern windows. In 1898, No. 345 Lee High Road was built in front of the former head of the stables of Tiger. He built a fire station, but the London County Council built a replacement in 1906 in Eltham Road. It is still in use. A police station was built in 418 Lee High Road in 1904, replacing the one built before the 1860th has been converted into apartments in 2003.

In the early 1960's Southeast neighborhood, as Carston Mews, demolished the mall via Leegate, collapsed in the opening of Sainsbury's on the opposite side of Burnt Ash Road at the end of 1980.

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