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House clearance Wallingford: As a Oxfordshire based company, Jeffrey Avery and Associates has been providing a complete house clearance service to members of the public, legal professionals, executors, and administrators, in Wallingford and surrounding areas, for over 35 years and is now one of the leading Wallingford house clearance companies. If you require any type of property to be cleared of its contents, and left clean and tidy so that it can be sold, or transferred to a landlord, we can help.

House Clearance in Wallingford: A fully comprehensive service.

We specialise in full house contents clearance. We can tackle any Wallingford house clearance job, of any size and in any location, even in circumstances where access is restricted. (eg Flats with no lifts,etc.)

We are also specialists in clutter clearance, and will be pleased to clear properties containing years of accumulated posessions, or which have abnormal amounts of general household items, sometimes as a result of illness, (eg compulsive Hoarding or OCD), or where the occupants were previously unwell and unable to care for themselves or their property, resulting in insanitary, dangerous conditions. We are expert clutter clearers.

I would like to thank Jeffrey Avery and Associates for the very careful, thorough and efficient job they made of clearing my late father's flat of his remaining possessions.

Extra to the excellent standard of the clearance, having dealt with Jeffrey personally, I found him to be only extremely helpful and responsive... Read more testimonials...

Becky Anderson.

Our Commitment to Quality

We are aware that a house clearance is often required in difficult circumstances, such as bereavement, and we pride ourselves on our expertise in carrying out our services with care, discretion, and with as little disruption as possible.

In particular, we will always:

Jeffrey Avery and Associates is a DOE registered waste carrier, and we comply with all applicable legislation with regard to the management and disposal of waste. We also carry full third party liability insurance.

Additional Services:

We provide a host of related, additional services, including deep cleaning of neglected houses, and the reinstatement of overgrown and out of control gardens, garden clearance, Central Heating, Water and Electricity Isolation, a comprehensive Locksmith Services, and a Hoarding Service. Our aim is to simplify the process of making your property ready for sale or transfer to a landlord.

Free advice and quotation

Our initial consultation and all our quotations are free and without obligation. Contact Jeffrey Avery on 0800 567 7769 for immediate attention.

Some interesting facts about Wallingford, Oxfordshire

The centre of Wallingford has the feel of a typical old market town, with a large open town square around the war memorial, the 17th century arcaded town hall, numerous shops. There are some alleyways and a number of historic inns. Although only a small town, Wallingford has three ancient churches within the Parish of St Mary-le-More and St Leonard, the home of Wallingford Parish Church Choir, named in 2011 as Britain's favourite church choir, and a modern Roman Catholic church as well as a Quaker Meeting House dating from 1724, Baptist and Methodist churches. It once had 14 churches. Amenities include the Wallingford Museum, the Corn Exchange theatre, the Cholsey and Wallingford steam railway, public parks (one with a castle ruin), a blues festival, and the annual BunkFest folk festival. In recent years, the town has been used as a location for filming, including Midsomer Murders, which has also featured the Parish Church Choir. Wallingford is run by a town council consisting of 16 councillors. It is part of the South Oxfordshire district and Oxfordshire County, having formerly been represented by the Municipal Borough of Wallingford. The current Mayor is Colin Dolton and the County Councillor is Lynda Atkins.

Wallingford grew up around an important crossing of the River Thames. The place has been strengthened, at least since the time of the Saxons, when he was an important fortified city of Wessex, with the right to mint coins Royal. That ended with major earthworks by King Alfred the Great in the ninth century, as part of a network of fortified towns known as Burhan or "peoples" to protect Wessex against the Vikings. These defenses can still be clearly discerned as a group of about four square areas around the center of the city and probably the best preserved fortifications in England. Wallingford became the county seat and the seat of Berkshire County ealdorman. In the Norman Conquest of England in 1066, Mr. Saxon Wigoder allowed invading armies of William the Conqueror to cross the Thames without opposition from west to east so that his army could March Berkhamsted, where English was the capitulation before leaving for London.

Wallingford Castle was built soon after and became a strategic center of the party Empress Matilda during the civil war, which began when his father, the death of Henry I.. Place besieged many times, Wallingford and the agreement ending the conflict was present in November 1153. The city granted a Royal Charter in 1155 by a new king, Henry II, the second city of England to receive one. The castle was a royal residence until the regular black plague struck in 1349 the castle fell ill later on, a lot of stone removed from the base to repair Windsor Castle, but it became a stronghold of royalist during the English Civil War. It was the last holdout in Berkshire and realistic, the castle and the siege lasted 65 days. Later, Oliver Cromwell ordered the destruction of what was left of the castle and little now remains. Part of the castle ruins were used to build a tower of the church of St. Mary-le-More.

Wallingford flourished as a trading center for most of the Middle Ages, and Wallingford Priory produced two of the greatest minds of the time, the mathematician Richard of Wallingford and chronicler John of Wallingford. After the opening of the Abingdon Bridge in 1416 the city entered into economic decline. It was only revived in the 18th century, when the author and legal resident Wallingford, William Blackstone, two turnpike roads through the city. The brewing industry was important in two breweries and malt houses in the city 17. This link was completed with the demolition of malt Paul in 2001.

In 1944, the Royal Canadian Air Force Halifax bomber with a bomb load to full capacity has caught fire in Wallingford. Most of the crew saved, but Flying Officer Sergeant Andrew Wilding and gave their lives in order to direct the plane away from the city and crashed in the fields of Crow Marsh. They are reminded by an obelisk at the junction of Route Andrew Wilding at Wallingford.

At that time, the river at Wallingford was the lowest point to which you can ford the stream. The city was then a great popularity among the Normans. The Domesday Book of 1085 lists of Wallingford as one of 18 cities in the kingdom with a population of more than 2,000 people.

Interesting facts source: Wikipedia

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