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House clearance Tolworth: As a Surrey based company, Jeffrey Avery and Associates has been providing a complete house clearance service to members of the public, legal professionals, executors, and administrators, in Tolworth and surrounding areas, for over 35 years and is now one of the leading Tolworth house clearance companies. If you require any type of property to be cleared of its contents, and left clean and tidy so that it can be sold, or transferred to a landlord, we can help.

House Clearance in Tolworth: A fully comprehensive service.

We specialise in full house contents clearance. We can tackle any Tolworth house clearance job, of any size and in any location, even in circumstances where access is restricted. (eg Flats with no lifts,etc.)

We are also specialists in clutter clearance, and will be pleased to clear properties containing years of accumulated posessions, or which have abnormal amounts of general household items, sometimes as a result of illness, (eg compulsive Hoarding or OCD), or where the occupants were previously unwell and unable to care for themselves or their property, resulting in insanitary, dangerous conditions. We are expert clutter clearers.

I would like to thank Jeffrey Avery and Associates for the very careful, thorough and efficient job they made of clearing my late father's flat of his remaining possessions.

Extra to the excellent standard of the clearance, having dealt with Jeffrey personally, I found him to be only extremely helpful and responsive... Read more testimonials...

Becky Anderson.

Our Commitment to Quality

We are aware that a house clearance is often required in difficult circumstances, such as bereavement, and we pride ourselves on our expertise in carrying out our services with care, discretion, and with as little disruption as possible.

In particular, we will always:

Jeffrey Avery and Associates is a DOE registered waste carrier, and we comply with all applicable legislation with regard to the management and disposal of waste. We also carry full third party liability insurance.

Additional Services:

We provide a host of related, additional services, including deep cleaning of neglected houses, and the reinstatement of overgrown and out of control gardens, garden clearance, Central Heating, Water and Electricity Isolation, a comprehensive Locksmith Services, and a Hoarding Service. Our aim is to simplify the process of making your property ready for sale or transfer to a landlord.

Free advice and quotation

Our initial consultation and all our quotations are free and without obligation. Contact Jeffrey Avery on 0800 567 7769 for immediate attention.

Some interesting facts about Tolworth, Surrey

Tolworth, in the Domesday Book, was called Taleorde. Its Domesday assets were held partly by Picot from Richard de Tonebrige and partly by Radulf (Ralph) from the Bishop of Bayeux. It rendered: 2½ hides; also 4 hides with Long Ditton; 1 mill without dues, 8 ploughs, 10½ acres and ½ rod of meadow. It rendered £6.

An extensive low-lying development of 1940s single storey brick buildings, bounded by the A3 to the north and the rail line to the south, was occupied by the Ministry of Defence and the Directorate of Overseas Surveys but after remaining empty for some years it was demolished in 2008 and the site currently awaits redevelopment.

30, 40 and 50 requirements of clay mining for brick factories in the north of the A3 off Red Lion Road (now Red Lion Industrial Park) has produced a large ditch full of water (known locally as "Bluey"), which was used to dump the bomb damage and the industrial material is the bomb sites resulting from the "Blitz". This land has been recovered and is now a recreation area. Civil Defence Corps of the resources used in the training site, a full-size mock-up bomb-housing damaged.

During the Second World War a number of V1 rockets fell in Surbiton and Tolworth also known for "Disaster Derby Day" in June 1944, when 12 people died in V1 to Tolworth Park Road.

David Bowie Ziggy Stardust stage show began with the Spiders from Mars Ronson, bolder and a pub in Tolworth Toby Jug Woodmansey February 10, 1972.

Architecturally, Tolworth is mainly composed of 1930 individual properties and high density commercial development and retail small and medium enterprises. There is a concentration of industrial activity in an area bounded on the north by the A3 road from London to Portsmouth trunk, which traverses the region. Crossing access to the A3 motorway, linking the north with the south and Broadway to the A240 towards Kingston Road Epsom, known as the Rotunda Toby Jug, the name of the tavern that was next to it was demolished in 2002. The region also is served by a railway line that runs from Waterloo station in London Chessington South two stops to the south, with services operated by South West Trains.

The main shopping center - Broadway - dominates the Tolworth Tower, an office building designed by Richard Seifert and opened in late 1964. The tower is 80.8 meters and 22 floors. On the ground floor of the building is largely occupied a unit of retail - now Marks and Spencer supermarket - and small retail units along Broadway, the rest of the floor access. The residual layer was originally occupied by offices and business, but in the north has recently been reopened to the Travelodge. The building is a local landmark and the tallest building for miles around.

The offices and studios of Radio Jackie, a commercial radio station in the south-west London and Surrey-North on Broadway. The mast is spreading, with many other antennas on top of Tolworth Tower.

Tolworth is home to its own center of the artistic community: The Cornerhouse (known as the Douglas Center.)

Tolworth Hospital providing services for South West London and St George's Mental Health NHS Trust Health. The Fund offers a comprehensive mental health care and social services to residents of Kingston, Richmond, Merton, Sutton and Wandsworth municipalities and a number of regional and national expertise.

Tolworth is served by South West Trains, with its own train station with a single card is the main shopping area, called Tolworth Broadway. Tolworth Railway Station has direct rail links to London Waterloo (northbound) and Chessington South (south). Trains arrive at the station every half hour. Trains also stop at Clapham Junction, Vauxhall and Raynes Park.

In addition to the sites of the Ministry of Defence and DOS on the south side of the A3, cosmetics gala was a huge production like rubber André (who specializes in rubber to metal bonding in automotive components, springs, armored combat vehicles, hospitals, warships and diving helmets) - now the site of Hook Rise South Industrial Park. Decca Radar was a major research and development near Tolworth Station. Their land and resources still exists sports - but probably without the full size range of 0.22 to its excellent collection of boring Martini-Henry, as used in the Zulu wars of the 19th century.

Interesting facts source: Wikipedia

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