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House clearance Maidenhead: As a Berkshire based company, Jeffrey Avery and Associates has been providing a complete house clearance service to members of the public, legal professionals, executors, and administrators, in Maidenhead and surrounding areas, for over 35 years and is now one of the leading Maidenhead house clearance companies. If you require any type of property to be cleared of its contents, and left clean and tidy so that it can be sold, or transferred to a landlord, we can help.

House Clearance in Maidenhead: A fully comprehensive service.

We specialise in full house contents clearance. We can tackle any Maidenhead house clearance job, of any size and in any location, even in circumstances where access is restricted. (eg Flats with no lifts,etc.)

We are also specialists in clutter clearance, and will be pleased to clear properties containing years of accumulated posessions, or which have abnormal amounts of general household items, sometimes as a result of illness, (eg compulsive Hoarding or OCD), or where the occupants were previously unwell and unable to care for themselves or their property, resulting in insanitary, dangerous conditions. We are expert clutter clearers.

I would like to thank Jeffrey Avery and Associates for the very careful, thorough and efficient job they made of clearing my late father's flat of his remaining possessions.

Extra to the excellent standard of the clearance, having dealt with Jeffrey personally, I found him to be only extremely helpful and responsive... Read more testimonials...

Becky Anderson.

Our Commitment to Quality

We are aware that a house clearance is often required in difficult circumstances, such as bereavement, and we pride ourselves on our expertise in carrying out our services with care, discretion, and with as little disruption as possible.

In particular, we will always:

Jeffrey Avery and Associates is a DOE registered waste carrier, and we comply with all applicable legislation with regard to the management and disposal of waste. We also carry full third party liability insurance.

Additional Services:

We provide a host of related, additional services, including deep cleaning of neglected houses, and the reinstatement of overgrown and out of control gardens, garden clearance, Central Heating, Water and Electricity Isolation, a comprehensive Locksmith Services, and a Hoarding Service. Our aim is to simplify the process of making your property ready for sale or transfer to a landlord.

Free advice and quotation

Our initial consultation and all our quotations are free and without obligation. Contact Jeffrey Avery on 0800 567 7769 for immediate attention.

Some interesting facts about Maidenhead, Berkshire

Maidenhead's name, strictly speaking, refers to the busy riverside area where the 'New wharf' or 'Maiden Hythe' was built, perhaps as early as Saxon times. It has been suggested that the nearby Great Hill of Taplow was called the 'Mai Dun' by the Iron Age Brythons. The area of the town centre was originally known as 'South Ellington' and is recorded in the Domesday Book as Ellington in the hundred of Beynhurst.

In 1280, a bridge was erected across the river to replace a ferry in what was then the hamlet of South Ellington. The Great West Road to Reading, Gloucester and Bristol was diverted over the new bridge - previously it kept to the north bank crossed the Thames by ford at Cookham - and mediaeval Maidenhead grew up around it. Within a few years a wharf was constructed next to the bridge and the South Ellington name was dropped with the area becoming known as Maidenhythe (literally meaning "new wharf"). The earliest record of this name change is in the Bray Court manorial rolls of 1296. The bridge led to the growth of Maidenhead: a stopping point for coaches on the journeys between London and Bath and the High Street became populated with inns. The current Maidenhead Bridge, a local landmark, dates from 1777 and was built at a cost of £19,000.

King Charles I met her children one last time before his execution in 1649 at the Greyhound Inn on High Street, instead of as now a branch of NatWest Bank. A plaque celebrating their reunion.

When the Great Western Railway reached the city, began to develop. Muddy roads were replaced and public services were installed. The street began to change again and the red brick Victorian architecture began to appear important throughout the city. Maidenhead has become its own entity in 1894, the separation of the civil parishes of both Bray and Cookham.

Maidenhead Citadel Corps Army Hi opened in the city in the mid-1880s. Maidenhead Citadel Band was soon founded in 1886 by Bandmaster William Thomas who later became mayor of the city.

From Edwardian times, Lock Boulter, next became a privileged instrument of Sunday and especially the Hotel Ascot Skindles developed a reputation for illicit relations.

Maidenhead is in 'Silicon Corridor' along the M4 motorway west of England in London. Many residents commute to work in London and cities in Slough and Reading.

Maidenhead industries include software, plastics, pharmaceuticals, printing and telecommunications.

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead last year partnership for the regeneration of Maidenhead (Prom), has just (October 2008) launched a global vision of 20 years and an action plan to rejuvenate downtown. The launch of the plan cooincides with confirmation by the state, as Maidenhead will be the western terminus of the new Crossrail project. PROM plans highlight five important developments that will help shape the city for the future - a major new retail triangle in the Queen Street / King Street, a transport interchange upgrade, moving the football and bowls clubs, linking Kidwell Park High Street and restore the waterway old as an attractive and leisure in the city center.

Maidenhead was home to the conference agreed on the standard of Maidenhead Locator System. IO91pm is located in the grid.

The price of the average home of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead is the largest in the United Kingdom.

A number of significant figures can be counted as present and former residents of Maidenhead. Actress Diana Dors remained a large part of his life in the city in several properties, while the broadcaster Richard Dimbleby once lived on the island of Boulter. Author Hugh tracing, the creator of Doctor Dolittle, was born in Maidenhead.

Leicester City FC midfielder Andy King was born and raised in Maidenhead, Furze Platt to attend the School in 2000-2005. Since then he has continued to play the Welsh national football team. Scunthorpe United FC midfielder Sam Togwell was born and raised in Maidenhead, and was hosted by Chelsea FC and Manchester City FC

Essayist and novelist Nick Hornby was educated at Maidenhead Grammar School (now Desborough School), as well as for children and television presenter Toby Anstis radio show, writer and broadcaster John O'Farrell and the athlete Mark Richardson, as well as well-known ' Dragon 'Peter Jones.

Location at the edge of Maidenhead has attracted many celebrities, including personality and former Australian Rolf Harris TV Michael Parkinson. The Spice Girls shared a house in the years before Maidenhead rise to stardom.

The city was home to Sir Nicholas Winton, whose heroic efforts saved 669 Jewish children from Czechoslovakia in the race for two World War II. There is a statue of him at the station in Maidenhead.

Interesting facts source: Wikipedia

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