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House clearance Highams Park E4: As a London based company, Jeffrey Avery and Associates has been providing a complete house clearance service to members of the public, legal professionals, executors, and administrators, in Highams Park, E4 and surrounding areas, for over 35 years and is now one of the leading Highams Park house clearance companies. If you require any type of property to be cleared of its contents, and left clean and tidy so that it can be sold, or transferred to a landlord, we can help.

House Clearance in Highams Park: A fully comprehensive service.

We specialise in full house contents clearance. We can tackle any Highams Park house clearance job, of any size and in any location, even in circumstances where access is restricted. (eg Flats with no lifts,etc.)

We are also specialists in clutter clearance, and will be pleased to clear properties containing years of accumulated posessions, or which have abnormal amounts of general household items, sometimes as a result of illness, (eg compulsive Hoarding or OCD), or where the occupants were previously unwell and unable to care for themselves or their property, resulting in insanitary, dangerous conditions. We are expert clutter clearers.

I would like to thank Jeffrey Avery and Associates for the very careful, thorough and efficient job they made of clearing my late father's flat of his remaining possessions.

Extra to the excellent standard of the clearance, having dealt with Jeffrey personally, I found him to be only extremely helpful and responsive... Read more testimonials...

Becky Anderson.

Our Commitment to Quality

We are aware that a house clearance is often required in difficult circumstances, such as bereavement, and we pride ourselves on our expertise in carrying out our services with care, discretion, and with as little disruption as possible.

In particular, we will always:

Jeffrey Avery and Associates is a DOE registered waste carrier, and we comply with all applicable legislation with regard to the management and disposal of waste. We also carry full third party liability insurance.

Additional Services:

We provide a host of related, additional services, including deep cleaning of neglected houses, and the reinstatement of overgrown and out of control gardens, garden clearance, Central Heating, Water and Electricity Isolation, a comprehensive Locksmith Services, and a Hoarding Service. Our aim is to simplify the process of making your property ready for sale or transfer to a landlord.

Free advice and quotation

Our initial consultation and all our quotations are free and without obligation. Contact Jeffrey Avery on 0800 567 7769 for immediate attention.

Some interesting facts about Highams Park, London E4

Highams Park is a district in the London Borough of Waltham Forest, England, adjacent to Epping Forest. The forest at Highams Park contains a boating lake formed by Humphry Repton after damming the River Ching. There are parks and basic shopping facilities such as Budgens, but no major supermarket. Tesco made numerous planning applications to build a store on part of the industrial estate. Initial plans made in 2007 were rejected by then Local Government Secretary Ruth Kelly although a revised planning application was passed in 2009 despite the efforts of some local residents to stop the application going ahead.

Highams Park is a suburb located 8.7 miles (14 km) north-east of Charing Cross. Greenwich Meridian passes through several city streets. Traditionally, it was part of Walthamstow parish district and municipal levels, although most of it is either in Chingford (E4) or Woodford Green (IG8) postal districts. It is primarily a residential neighborhood with townhouses comprising mostly Victorian and 1930s style.

Tail End of the Shares postal district IG8 Woodford Green, unlike the rest of Highams Park, Chingford taking postal district, E4. Some believe Hale End to join Highams Park, because there is no break in the rows of houses between the two areas, while others consider it a different place when he 's acts of another village and district postal establishments second.

Hale End Library is Highams Park and is located on the avenue and renovated between January and July 2007.

Handsworth Primary School

Selwyn School (Infants & Juniors).

There are also two other schools, Oak Hill Primary School (Tail End) and Thorpe Hall School (Walthamstow), close to Highams Park.

Highams Park School (formerly known as Sidney Burnell School). The school has pupils aged 11-16 and even high school students aged 16-18. The school holds two professional status of Technology College and College Sports.

Joseph Clark School for students with visual impairments and blind which is a combined primary and secondary school.

There are two main stages in Highams Park, Jubilee Sports Ground (Sports Ground Truman officially) and the Rolls Park. Jubilee is located off the Avenue, now owned by Waltham Forest Council. It is used mostly for football, local groups and youth training teams and the playing field, and the astro-turf. The country is not open to the public. Rolls Park is a bit 'bigger and is open to the public. Field is used primarily for football and cricket. It has a gym and a small gym on the field edges. It 's also a bar is owned / Space Football Club and West Essex Cricket Club.

There is another tennis club (Whitehall) in Larkshall road. Highams Park Lake is used for kayaking by members of the Scout Association. "The Highams Park", the lake is not used for formal sports because it is owned by the Corporation of London, and much of it is not suitable for competitive sports games.

There are preliminary plans to build a velodrome in the grounds of Highams Park School. It will be used by schools and local sports teams, it will take many years before the construction done.

"Highams Park," and Highams Park Lake


The park is officially known as "The Highams Park" but is often known locally as "The Park", "The Field" or "The Lake". Most of the park is on a hill with a gradual increase in the far north. It is frequented by dog ??walkers, runners and their families. The park does not have the exception of a sub-8 games and billboards.

Highams Park Lake is west of the park, and is owned by the City of London Corporation, but the rest of the park is maintained by the London Borough of Waltham Forest. The lake was formed by landscape architect Humphry Repton, which was created by damming the River Ching. The lake, the adjacent park and manor house (now Woodford County High School) were in Highams Bensted. The lake itself is about 450 m long and 80 meters at the widest point. At the southern end of the lake is a boat house built by Robert Kenneth John Ford and owned by Waltham Forest South Scout. The northern end of the lake is much narrower and shallower, often dry in the mud in summer and is sometimes called "the smelly end". Ching River flow past the lake, but actually not lead to a decision small in the extreme south of the lake flows into the River.

It is a small island in the lake which is inhabited by nesting swans. Near the top of the lake has a large stone was placed there by Humphry Repton to improve the lakes call. A block of public toilets used to be located on the east side of the lake, even if it was demolished several years ago and the foundations are left.

Interesting facts source: Wikipedia

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