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House clearance Dulwich SE21: As a London based company, Jeffrey Avery and Associates has been providing a complete house clearance service to members of the public, legal professionals, executors, and administrators, in Dulwich, SE21 and surrounding areas, for over 35 years and is now one of the leading Dulwich house clearance companies. If you require any type of property to be cleared of its contents, and left clean and tidy so that it can be sold, or transferred to a landlord, we can help.

House Clearance in Dulwich: A fully comprehensive service.

We specialise in full house contents clearance. We can tackle any Dulwich house clearance job, of any size and in any location, even in circumstances where access is restricted. (eg Flats with no lifts,etc.)

We are also specialists in clutter clearance, and will be pleased to clear properties containing years of accumulated posessions, or which have abnormal amounts of general household items, sometimes as a result of illness, (eg compulsive Hoarding or OCD), or where the occupants were previously unwell and unable to care for themselves or their property, resulting in insanitary, dangerous conditions. We are expert clutter clearers.

I would like to thank Jeffrey Avery and Associates for the very careful, thorough and efficient job they made of clearing my late father's flat of his remaining possessions.

Extra to the excellent standard of the clearance, having dealt with Jeffrey personally, I found him to be only extremely helpful and responsive... Read more testimonials...

Becky Anderson.

Our Commitment to Quality

We are aware that a house clearance is often required in difficult circumstances, such as bereavement, and we pride ourselves on our expertise in carrying out our services with care, discretion, and with as little disruption as possible.

In particular, we will always:

Jeffrey Avery and Associates is a DOE registered waste carrier, and we comply with all applicable legislation with regard to the management and disposal of waste. We also carry full third party liability insurance.

Additional Services:

We provide a host of related, additional services, including deep cleaning of neglected houses, and the reinstatement of overgrown and out of control gardens, garden clearance, Central Heating, Water and Electricity Isolation, a comprehensive Locksmith Services, and a Hoarding Service. Our aim is to simplify the process of making your property ready for sale or transfer to a landlord.

Free advice and quotation

Our initial consultation and all our quotations are free and without obligation. Contact Jeffrey Avery on 0800 567 7769 for immediate attention.

Some interesting facts about Dulwich, London SE21

Dulwich is an affluent area of South London, England. The settlement is mostly in the London Borough of Southwark with parts in the London Borough of Lambeth. Dulwich, consisting of East Dulwich, West Dulwich and Dulwich Village lies in a valley between the neighbouring districts of Camberwell, Crystal Palace, Denmark Hill, Forest Hill, Gipsy Hill, Knights Hill, Herne Hill, Honor Oak, Peckham, Penge, Sydenham Hill, Tulse Hill and West Norwood. Dulwich was in Surrey until 1889, when the County of London was created. The modern western boundary with the neighbouring Borough of Lambeth, Croxted Road, derives its name from a very old pilgrim way, Croke (i.e. crooked) Street. Dulwich is also known as the location of the Dulwich Picture Gallery and Dulwich College.

The first documented evidence of Dulwich Hamlet is outside London, 967AD, King Edgar granted to a noble Earl Aelfheah. Dulwich name is spelled in different ways, Dilwihs, Dylways, Dullag, and can be of two words in Old English, dill, white flowers, and wihs, or wet grass, which means "the meadow where the dill grows".

Harold Godwinson owned land at a certain point, and after 1066 King William I of England. In 1333, the population recorded in Dulwich 100

In 1538, Henry VIII seized control of Dulwich and sold the goldsmith Thomas Calton for £ 609. Calton Calton grandson of Sir Francis sold the manor of Dulwich for £ 4,900 in 1605 to Elizabethan actor Edward Alleyn and entrepreneur. He invested his fortune in a charity, the gift of God Alleyn College, established in 1619. modern successor agency, the Dulwich Estate, still owns 1,500 acres (6.1 km2) in the region, including a number of private roads and tolls. Alleyn also built a school, a chapel and almshouses in Dulwich. Dulwich Hospice Charity and the Chapel of Christ the gift of God to Dulwich (where Alleyn is buried) are fulfilling their original functions.

Alleyn original school building is no longer used for this purpose, but which now houses Estate Board of Governors. About 1840 the school moved to accommodate a greater number of pupils in new buildings designed by Charles Barry (junior), son of Sir Charles Barry who designed the Palace of Westminster. Then divided into Dulwich College and Alleyn's School in 1882, the second movement to the present site of Townley Road.

In the 17th century, King Charles I of England visited Dulwich Woods on a regular basis to hunt. In 1738, a man named Samuel Bentyman was murdered in Dulwich Woods .

'5 And in August 1677, John Evelyn tells us that took the waters of the Dulwich. Dulwich water weeping through the streets of London in 1678.

In 1739, Mr. Cox, Master Green Man, a tavern located about one mile south of the village of Dulwich, sank in well with his family. The water was held and purgative properties, and was for some time been used in medicine. Although water has been popularized in large part to the tavern and near the flower holder.

Self-lined avenue formally known as Cox's Walk, leading from the junction of Dulwich Common and Lordship Lane was curtailed after 1732 Francis Cox for his creation of the Tavern Green Man, and Dulwich Wells with the most People [Sydenham Wells 7].

Grove Tavern, now a pub, located in busy South Circular Road.

In 1815 the Green Man had become a school known for Dr Glennie's Academy Dulwich Grove, although it was demolished about ten years later. The students here were some that came to be known, Lord Byron, General Le Marchant, and Captain Barclay.

Dr Glennie, which was held on Saturday evening concerts, which attracted visitors from outside the family, as the poet Thomas Campbell, who lived near Sydenham and Robert Barker inventor of the panorama. After the closure of the school building to its original use and became known as the Grove Tavern.

In 1803, Samuel Matthews - known as "Dulwich Hermit"- were also murdered in Dulwich Woods, he was buried in Dulwich Old Cemetery .

1811-1814 saw the construction of the Dulwich Picture Gallery. In 1901, the population was recorded as 10,247.

During the Second World War, Dulwich was beaten by other V-1 flying bombs and V-2 rockets. One possible explanation is that the British army when he announced V-1 and V-2 explosions deliberately map coordinates four miles north of truth in an attempt to protect densely populated areas of central London and are concentrated in the space drops opened in the suburbs instead.

There are a number of districts recognized in Dulwich:

Dulwich Village, which includes the center of the traditional village

East Dulwich Peckham Rye, Peckham limits except for a center - not just the eastern end of Dulwich - and their specific characteristics.

West Dulwich is a mainly residential area along West Norwood and Tulse Hill.

Dulwich Village includes the original shopping street, and still contains almost all of its original 18th and 19th century buildings. It remains a very uncommercialised and conservation. The village is limited to Dulwich Park, Dulwich with Horse and Motor Show, held every year (this is where the new Toyota Corolla made its first appearance in the United Kingdom the Auto Show in 1997).

modern houses in the village of Dulwich

Dulwich is also home to Dulwich Hamlet, an amateur football club founded in 1893 and still plays today in the Isthmian League. In recent years, Sainsbury's acquired the site, built a new road DCFH, and has developed one of the largest Sainsbury's in the country. Old Alleynian Football Club is a rugby team of the local cause of Dulwich College alumni, but is open to anyone willing to play.

Interesting facts source: Wikipedia

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