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Probate Valuation of house contents or property by RICS Valuers: As one of the leading London probate valuation companies, Jeffrey Avery and Associates can provide fully comprehensive house contents valuation for probate and property valuation for probate in Hornsey, N8, and all surrounding areas. Our house contents valuations and property valuations for probate are carried out by qualified RICS valuers, thereby eliminating the risk of investigation by HMRC. With the recent appearance of many companies carrying out valuations by unqualified staff, it is essential for executors to verify that the valuation is carried out by a RICS qualified valuer so as to avoid any risk of penalites being incurred for an inaccurate valuation. Established for over 25 years, we have become one of the most recommended firms of probate valuers in the Hornsey area.

Probate Valuation Hornsey N8: If you are an executor or administrator, and require a comprehensive and accurate probate valuation report, which is normally required by HMRC before probate can be granted, so that Inheritance Tax can be calculated, Jeffrey Avery and Associates can assist. We provide our service to members of the public, solicitors, and other legal professionals in all parts of Hornsey.

Our probate valuation reports are prepared strictly in accordance with S.160 of the Inheritance Tax Act (1984), and will help to ensure that there are no delays in the granting of probate. If you require a probate valuation in Hornsey, contact Jeffrey Avery for further advice. To fully understand how our probate services work, see our Probate Valuation Guide, and our Executors Information Page.

As professional probate valuers, we always ensure that that the use of our probate valuation services will result in accurate, timely and comprehensive probate evaluation reports.

For more information contact Jeffrey Avery on 0800 567 7769.

I was advised by my solicitor that, to avoid an IHT investigation, I should contact a qualified RICS valuer, to carry out a probate valuation of all the contents of my late father's property, but had no idea where to start. I called Jeffrey Avery and Associates and they arranged for a valuer to visit the property, and within a week I received a full written probate valuation report which was subsequently accepted by HMRC without problems.

I would not hesitate to recommend this service to anyone in the same situation.
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Steve Mulligan

Free Probate Advice and Quotation

Probate Services Hornsey: Our valuers will be pleased to provide a verbal assessment, advice, and indication of value completely free of charge. If you require a full written probate valuation report for submission to HMRC for Inheritance Tax purposes, call us for a quotation. All fees are fixed before we start work, for your peace of mind.

We carry out probate valuations throughout the whole of Hornsey.

Additional Services: Property Clearance

After we have provided a probate valuation and you have received a Grant of Probate, we can provide a Full House Clearance Service, and thoroughly and comprehensively clean both the buildings and the garden, so as to minimise delays and to simplify the process of the preparation of your property for sale or transfer.

Some interesting facts about Hornsey N8

Hornsey is a district in London Borough of Haringey in north London in England. Whilst Hornsey was formerly the name of a parish and later a municipal borough of Middlesex, today, the name refers only to the London district. It is an inner-suburban area located 6.2 miles (10 km) north of Charing Cross.

The boundaries of Hornsey today are not clearly defined. Since the municipal district of Hornsey was abolished in 1965, the name can refer either to the postal district that includes N8 Crouch End and Harringay part of, or in an area centered around Hornsey High Street at the eastern end, which is in the graveyard and the tower of the old parish church which was the administrative center of Hornsey (parish).

Hornsey Village, first recorded in 1202 on the basis of place names in Middlesex was the focus of the conference with the church, dates back to 1291. The village developed what is now Hornsey High Street, and the seventeenth century it was divided in the middle New River, which crosses the country in three places: first, the end of Nightingale Lane, on the other three behind bushes, and Finally, it is now, at the bottom of Tottenham Lane. The village grew significantly after about 1860 and eventually merged with a separate solution is Crouch End (the first time in 1465), in the middle of an urban parish.

To the north of Hornsey High Street, just south of the area is predominantly public sector housing, with the exception of higher-level developments in the New River. Between the eastern end of High Street and from the bottom of Muswell Hill, the nature of the area is changing radically. Much of this part of the Warner Estate has built a well-equipped large Victorian house. Southeast High Street Priory Park, a city of green and quiet.

High Street retains much of its character and is full of useful shops and restaurants. The east remains strong echo of its rural past and guests of the 13th century tower, which is all that remains of the church of S. Mary.

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